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XOOPS is an acronym of "eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System". Though started as a portal system, it later developed into a web application framework. It aims to serve as a web framework for use by small, medium and large sites, through the installation of modules. For example, a small XOOPS installation can be used as a personal weblog or journal, but this can be expanded upon and customized, i.e. users might add the appropriate modules (freeware and commercial) to store content in news, forums, downloads, and others.[3]

Books have been written about XOOPS in five languages.[4]

Awards and recognition[upraviť zdroj]
2006 Community Choice Awards, first runner-Up status in the's in the development category
A 2008 review from Germany's "Chip" magazine gave it 5 stars;[5] a 2008 review in "Adobe Edge" magazine placed it in the Top 3 content management systems[6]
2008 China-Japan-Korea Open Source Software Contest Award[7]
2008 Top 5 in Packt Publishing's "Best PHP Open Source CMS"[8] and was Top-5 finalist in 2009 Best Overall CMS Award category.[9] Onokazu, a founder of XOOPS and Taiwen Jiang, Development Lead, won the title of "Open Source CMS Most Valued People" at the Packt awards in 2008[10] and 2009[11] respectively.
2009 Grand Prize in OSS Challenge in Korea[12]
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